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Industrial Vegetation Management -- Before
Industrial Vegetation Management -- After

Industrial Vegetation Management

Our industrial vegetation management services consist of season long control. Pre-emergence are put down to help prevent vegetation from coming up. Post emergence are applied on a follow-up visit for late season.

Treatment Areas

  • Rocked Areas
  • Fence Lines
  • Storage Areas
  • Graveled Lots
  • Lay Down Yards
  • Rail Ballast


  • Substations
  • Bulding Perimeters
  • Lift Stations
  • Metering Sites
  • Ditches & Ditch Banks
  • Levees

Rights of Way

Utility Rights of Way

Whether you are an electric, gas, sewer, or water utility ProtecTerra can provide you with a vegetation management plan and service that will safely meet your rights of way vegetation management needs including Rights of Way Clearing and Rights of Way Reclamation.

Right of Way Services

  • Foliar Applications
  • Dormant Applications
  • Cut Stubble Treatments
  • R-O-W Mowing
  • Chemical Side Trimming
  • Vine Treatment at Poles
  • Growth Regulators
  • R-O-W Reclamation
Right of Way Reclamation - Before
Right of Way Reclamation - After

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